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NORML Nebraska is a non-profit organization dedicated to the legalization of cannabis for adult use in Nebraska. We are here to educate the public about all of the many benefits of cannabis.

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There are three reasons for legalization:

1. Industrial uses - Hemp is one of the most useful plants on earth, it is a highly nutritious food, common ingredient in body care products, used to make paper, durable textile products, carbon-negative building materials,  can make fuel in 4 ways, biodegradable plastic for bags and wrapping, and any petroleum product can be made from its abundant and clean cellulose.

2. Medical uses - Cannabis has been proven to help with most medical conditions including but not limited to:

Alzheimer's Disease  ALS  Chronic Pain  Diabetes Mellitus  Dystonia  Epilepsy  Fibromyalgia  GI Disorders   Gliomas/Cancer  Hepatitis C  HIV  Huntington's Disease  Hypertension  Incontinence  Multiple Sclerosis 
Osteoporosis  Pruritus  Rheumatoid Arthritis  Sleep Apnea  Tourette's Syndrome


3. Personal uses - It is the right of all responsible adults to govern our body how we choose. Personal use rights can mean a stash for special occasions, sacramental use involving prayer or meditation, or smoke to unwind after work.
The great majority of people who start with cannabis prefer it and stay with it disdaining hard drugs. Those few who may become addicted, learn the meaning of not having a choice to use or not -the only meaning of addiction. For them cannabis provides a way back from serious addiction or maintain their sobriety with a safer substitute. We should have the right to choose a safer alternative to tobacco or alcohol. Prohibition tells us that pot is a softer form of heroin while mixing these two markets together. We advocate separating cannabis from addictive drugs by legalizing it and minimize drugs of addiction using only medical solutions.


Our organization would not succeed without our members.  Our members are encouraged to help out in any way they are able, whether it be helping out at events, circulating petitions, or educating the public.  We also encourage them to introduce any ideas that they feel will help further the cause.  It takes all of us working together to change this unjust law.


                The great expectations for Nebraska hemp

The Environment

                Hemp is one of the better plants for removing carbon from the atmosphere. One acre of hemp removes more carbon than four acre's of trees when spanned over the life time of the trees. Cotton production in the US accounts for one fourth of the pesticides which eventually end up in our drinking water. Hemp clothes are softer and more durable than cotton and are naturally pest free. Paper made from hemp is of a higher quality and uses only a fraction of the chemicals of wood pulp paper. Plastics made from hemp are just as durable as crude oil plastics and 100% biodegradable. Hemp is a far better source of ethanol than corn and the exhaust from burning hemp biodiesel fuel is completely non toxic.


The Farming Industry              

                The farming industry would benefit greatly from the legalization of industrial hemp. Hemp can be used to make anything that wood, plastic, crude oil, or cotton is currently used to make. Hemp concrete is stronger than our current concrete and 6 times lighter. By legalizing hemp, we could greatly reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It would increase manufacturing jobs in the US, which would also help benefit the transport companies. It only makes sense to want hemp legal.


Dedicated Members               

                Our members are encouraged to volunteer to help in any way they can. Members should make themselves available to staff events attend media or legislative events and monitor the media for opportunities to participate in the public debate on cannabis. Members are encouraged to introduce new ideas to the board on any concern that they may have.

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